The Fall Season is almost here

We are very excited to get going with the new season with plenty of returning talent and lots of new freshmen coming in to bolster the squad. We are playing a mixed schedule of 7’s and 15’s this season which will give everyone plenty of rugby. The schedule tab is almost finalized.

Incoming Freshmen-  We will be helping people move into the dorms on Thursday the 18th. Make sure we have your contact info so that we can help you out that day. Email- or call 405-650-9263.  

Some important early events:

Aug. 16-18th- Pre-season begins on the northest side of the  intramural fields.  Fitnees, some skills and lot of fun will be had this week. 6:30pm

Aug. 18th- Freshmen to the intra-mural fields for practice for first practice. 6:30pm

Aug. 19th- Everyone bring a friend day.

Aug. 23rd- First day of official practice.

Aug. 27th- Everyone plays day at the pitch.

More details to come


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