Constitution of the Oklahoma Rugby Football Club

Article I: The Name of this organization is the Oklahoma Rugby Football Club (OURFC)

Article II: It is the purpose of this club to promote and enjoy the sport of rugby

Article III: Membership and Non-Discrimination Policy

Article III – Section 1: Membership

– Full Membership is open to any students at the University of Oklahoma.

– Members of the University community may be associate members.

– Membership is contingent on the paying of dues.

Article III – Section 2: Non-Discrimination Policy

– Membership in, association with, and benefits emanating from the Oklahoma Rugby Club and its related activities shall be based upon such considerations as performance, educational achievement,and other criteria related to the goals of the organization and purposes of the activities. Judgement in this regard based solely on an individual’s race, color, religion, national origin, age , gender, sexual orientation, disability, veteran status, marital status, or political beliefs are not judgements based on such considerations. Further, the purpose of the organization must be consistent with public policy as established by prevailing University Community standards.

Article IV: Officers

Article 1 – General Provisions

– Election of officers should be by a majority vote of members casting votes for that office.

– Elected officials shall serve for one year, elections to be held at the beginning of Fall semester.

– One week notice shall be given prior to the holding of election of officers.

– Officers may be removed by a two-thirds vote of members

– Vacancies in offices shall be file ld by special elections

Article IV – Section 2 – President

– Chief Executive Officer. The President is responsible for the administrative functions of the organization including scheduling, fund raising, community relations, and recruiting

– Committees. The President has the authority to appoint individuals and or committees to carry out the duties and functions of the administration of club activities.

Article IV: Section 3 – Captains

– The Captain is responsible for all on-field functions of the organization

– A captain shall be elected for each side of the field

Article IV: Section 4 – Selectors

– They shall be the at-large members of the Selection Committee

Article IV: Section 5 – Advisor

– The Oklahoma Rugby Football Club shall have as an advisor a full-time member of the University faculty or staff.

Article V: Meetings

– Regular practice is Tuesday and Thursday evenings with times seasonally adjusted.

– Change in regular practice days may be made by a majority vote of the club

– Business will be conducted at regularly scheduled practices.

– Special meetings or practices may be called by the President or Captains

Article VI: Selection Committee

– The Selection Committee shall select starting lineups or tournament rosters for the club.

– The committee consists of the elected captains and three at-large members.

Article VII: Ratification and Amendments

– Ratification of this constitution shall be by a majority vote of full club members.

– Amendments may be effected by a majority vote of full club members.

Article VIII: Preemption Statement

– If there is a conflict between our national parent organization’s rulings, constitution, or direction and the University of Oklahoma Student Code, the Student Code preempts the national or parent ruling..

Article IX: Miscellaneous

– The organization shall comply with all local, state, and federal laws.


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