The OURFC is made up of several tiers of competition. Membership of each side is established by vote at weekly team meetings. Inclusion in any of the three squads is based on talent, work ethic, and participation in team events, practices, etc.

Varsity XV

15 Starters and 7 Replacements

The Varsity XV is the college-side of the OURFC. Only college-age members are eligible for the Varsity XV. Both Starters and Replacements are voted starting positions each Friday during the Cup Season.

Club-Side XV

15 Starters, 7 Replacements

Nicknamed the Rowers . The Club-Side XV is made up of both inexperienced players (non-Varsity XV) and older players who are currently ineligible due to age etc. to participate in collegiate athletics.

OURFC Men’s Side (Division II)

15 Starters, 7 Replacements

Made up of an elite of experienced older players. This side is parallel to the Varsity XV but is ineligible to participate in collegiate athletics.

What is OU Rugby? Check out our most recent rugby brochure here: OU_RugbyBrochure


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