New Players

CIPP: New players are required to register (CIPP) with USA Rugby. This registration costs $50 and covers insurance for both the club and the national rugby board. Failure to register will result in disbarment from participation in official club matches. Register to play using this link.

All players are required to be current on club dues in order to participate in club matches and activities.
Yearly (2 Semesters): $200.
Semester: $125
Monthly: $25

Dues can be paid at any club function to the club Treasurer (Chase Kovach).

Note: All players who complete USA Rugby CIPP registration receive a $50 discount on yearly dues.

Player Resources:
New Players should check out the International Rugby Board’s “Laws and Regulations” page here. Their Online Coaching tool is also very useful for understanding the rules of rugby.
Equipment: All new players need to purchase appropriate equipment. This includes

1) Mouth guard – All players should purchase a moldable mouth guard from a sporting goods store. Mouth guards usually cost around $1 apiece.

2) Cleats – All players should also consider purchasing a pair of cleats. Soccer cleats are preferable but football cleats are acceptable as long as they don’t have metal spikes . You should also make sure that your cleats don’t have a front toe-spike.

Players should also make sure to wear tight-fitting clothing and bring their own bottle of water.

Check out our Links page for a few good equipment manufacturers.


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